About Kenny

Where it all began:

   Even though Southern Gourmet Spice Co. was created in Florida, the idea was born in the heart of Oklahoma where Kenny stumbled across the best dry rub he had ever tasted. With this knowledge, an education in cooking for over three decades and a love for BBQ and smoked meats, he sought out quality spices from all over the world to create his amazing BBQ Rub, Kenny Bear's Old Florida BBQ Rub and seasoning. This would be the first of many products that he created with many more in the works.


   Our goal is to continue to create quality gourmet spices to bring you an even bigger choice of great flavors to choose from guaranteed to keep your friends and family begging for more.



   Our products are available for purchase on our website and available locally at: Rooster Outfitters bait and tackle and Suwannee hardware store.


Our BBQ rub is available on select menu items at Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill restaurants in South Florida with 23 locations in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties in South Florida.


   We are constantly working on new formulas so check back with us to find new amazing blends.


Southern gourmet spice company offers wholesale pricing and packaging for restaurants. Contact us at for pricing and packaging options.


Kenny and his wife Tania  live in White Springs Florida where they run Southern Gourmet Spice Company.  A quiet southern town of just 777 people, White Springs is nestled along the banks of the historic Suwannee River. Once a bustling toursit hotspot in the early 1900's with 9 resort hotels, this small town hosted President Theordore Roosevelt on his trips south at the Historic Telford Hotel. Nowadays, White Springs Hosts the Annual Florida Folk Festival at Stephen Foster Park.

The smell of delicious barbeque often eminates from the Kenny Bear estate in the backwoods just North of the railroad tracks off of Rt 41. Kenny often cooks up new recipes to share with his thousands of Spice customers.   If your in town ring him up!


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